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Re: CDROM problems with 2.6 install

On 6 Jan 00, at 0:13, Vincent Illaire wrote:

> Angus Scott-Fleming wrote:
> > I need a kernel that will boot from floppy and recognize a SCSI CD
> > connected to an Adaptec 1520 card (IRQ 11, I/OBase 140).  The Adaptec
> > 152x is supported, but not in the floppy image that is distributed from
> > the website.  Any chance someone can make me such an image and e-mail
> > it to me?
> I'll try to make such a floppy. This is quite automatic, I only need to
> put the right kernel config. I'll mail it as soon as it's ready.

As noted in off-list mail, thanks.  

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