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I'm curious if anyone has used Dan Bernstein's tcpserver on 2.6. I'm
switching over from SunOS, and I'm having some trouble with it. The
program it spawns prints its banner and exits immediately, not the
desired behavior in an ftp server :-)

Here's the invocation and tcpserver output:

bash-2.03# PATH="/var/databases/ftp/bin:/usr/local/bin:$PATH" tcpserver -R -v -B"You have reached SSR.COM's anonymus FTP server..." 0 ftp anonftpd 68 68 &
bash-2.03# ftp localhost
tcpserver: status: 1/40
tcpserver: pid 31145 from
Connected to localhost.
tcpserver: ok 31145 localhost: localhost:
You have reached SSR.COM's anonymus FTP server...220 Hi there! This is anonftpd.
tcpserver: end 31145 status 0
tcpserver: status: 0/40