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Well, It's not a question HOW TO DO THAT... rather, what is going on...

netstat -nr goes here

xxx.xxx.xxx.50     0:60:8:a4:2f:4c    UHL         0       15      -  lo0 =>
xxx.xxx.xxx.50/32  link#1             UC          0        0      -  ep0
xxx.xxx.xxx.66          UGHS        2    28386      -  lo0 =>
xxx.xxx.xxx.66/32  link#1             UC          0        0      -  ep0
xxx.xxx.xxx.67          UGHS        0      834      -  lo0 =>

well. .66 and .67 are ifaliases, I've added them near year ago.. since that
time, I havant used ifconfig realy... So, today I had to add another
ifalias... the .50 one.. so I did sth. like that:

ifconfig ep0 inet alias xxx.xxx.xxx.50 netmask

And of course added it to /etc/ifaliases 
Well.. the problem is... why does xxx.xxx.xxx.50 in Gateway column has
0:60:8:a4:2f:4c thing, and not the and why It has "UHL" flags not
"UGHS" ??? - "UHL" are rather for route [as I remember, I might be wrong]
I think that previously I've added those alias in same way...
Other strange thing is that when I first added .50 alias well there occure
d new route entires for .51 and .65 IP's which weren't there before [5m ago
there were no such entires]... I've removed them however...

Well, I've removed that alias, ifconfig ep0 delete xxx.xxx.xxx.50
And it stayed in route table, it shouldn't (had to remove it with route delete

So is it a normal behavior or did I fucked up sth. ?
Network is working quite OK... 

Damm.. I've found another thing... when I try to acces some virtaul site
(strored on another box, that box has ifalias for virt. IP... xxx.xxx.xxx.65
for ie. well.. It should just been redirected to that box (not mine) and
that's it.. And it is redirected, however with some weird stuuf... couse It's
IP is added to my route table (I was accesing that virt site only via lynx)

xxx.xxx.xxx.65     8:0:20:9c:39:81    UHL         9      147      -  ep0
That's VERY wierd.. and I really don't like it ! :(
Could someone explain mi why does it happen ?

        Tomasz Bojakowski