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sendmail and NAT

Hi all,

I'm using the same sendmail.cf that worked on my client; it should work
on my server as well I think. 

I use dhis.org to make my server visible to the internet over a dialup using
a program called dhid.

My friend runs a custom dhis server for my domain ompages.com.  So my
server is office.ompages.com. When I send mail to my account
natepuri_(_at_)_office_(_dot_)_ompages_(_dot_)_com from this account hkwalia_(_at_)_ucdavis_(_dot_)_edu I get
an error email sent to the hkwalia account 'office.ompages.com connection

iThis same config file works on my other machine, but this is the firewall
machine running NAT so I think this must be the problem; my ipnat.rules
entry is pretty minimal

map ppp0 -> ppp0/32 portmap tcp/udp 0:65000
map ppp0 -> ppp0/32

Is there something I'm missing here? 

Nate Puri

Harjot Walia