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Thanx for All the Blowfish

Howdy --

Received my package of 20 BSD 2.6 CDROMs today, thanx
for the fast shipping. Upgraded on my AST 486/66 like a
breeze, though I did have to reconfigure X, no problem.

I was impressed enough by the activity in this open source
community to order enough to hand out to my business associates
as New Year's gifts. The CDROM art of the blowfish is a beauty and
a joy forever :-)

Have a great millenium
-- Long Live OpenBSD!

Regards, Jack Woehr

Jack J. Woehr                 # The Drug War is Race War
PO Box 51, Golden, CO 80402   # The Drug War is Class War.
jwoehr_(_at_)_ibm_(_dot_)_net jax_(_at_)_well_(_dot_)_com   # The Drug War is Civil War.
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