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Re: Install shows 8GB harddisk limit problem, but that *cannot* be

> From: Michal Vitecek <M_(_dot_)_Vitecek_(_at_)_sh_(_dot_)_cvut_(_dot_)_cz>
> Subject: Re: Install shows 8GB harddisk limit problem, but that *cannot* be
> Michael Schmidt <mschmidt_(_at_)_Fh-Koblenz_(_dot_)_DE> wrote:
> >> From: SUZUKI Hitoshi <sigh_(_at_)_kuzirabekon_(_dot_)_econ_(_dot_)_nagasaki-u_(_dot_)_ac_(_dot_)_jp>
> >> Subject: Re: Install shows 8GB harddisk limit problem, but that *cannot* be
> >> 
> >> Use other OS's fdisk, to make OpenBSD's partition (A6)
> >> And, do nothing with fdisk when installing OpenBSD.
> >
> >I´m in my office right now. The regarding machine is my private one 
> >at home, so I will have to check the hint this evening.
> >Did others with a similar setup have to go this way too?
> >
> >> This is the only solution by now.
> >
> >Why?
> >The interesting point is:  Why is this happening?
>    this is unfortunately the only solution. my discussion with theo that
>  openbsd's fdisk is useless nowadays (because of the drive sizes increase)
>  and it can destroy the partition table on the disk (it happened to me,
>  all ended with 1024 cyl), was going nowhere. all he claimed is that
>  openbsd's fdisk doesn't lie about the numbers, it's all the other OSes
>  that lie to you (although they allow you to partition the drive above

I have been looking for the subject in the OpenBSD FAQ, but did not find 
something about it.  
May be it could be added there for those people 
who "read the FAQ before installing OpenBSD"?

>  8gb) and that you are f*cking stupid and later bans you from the #openbsd
>  channel.
>    so much for the attitude of the main openbsd developer when a main bug is
>  repeatedly reported.

I think we should not start a flame about that, it would not be productive.
(I meant it generally, it has nothing to do with you personally)

Please let me say:

I have to do with a lot of other computers, but I´m new to OpenBSD. 
Regarding your last remark I have no problem with attitude or politeness
of OpenBSD´s mailing lists, I have not been in contact with Theo until now. 

My personal point of view is that of course specific input (all stuff, 
discussions, feedback, and-so-on) is not unimportant, and I *got* help.
But what would all this be without the output (output: the product itself 
we hold in hands and run on our machines)?
I think OpenBSD is great!
Go ahead with it!

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