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Re: Install shows 8GB harddisk limit problem, but that *cannot* be

On Mon, Dec 20, 1999 at 11:28:17AM +0100, Michael Schmidt wrote:
> > Use other OS's fdisk, to make OpenBSD's partition (A6)
> > And, do nothing with fdisk when installing OpenBSD.
> > This is the only solution by now.
> Just one step back besides the already exchanged mails:
> Did you go the way you suggested yourself and did all go well?
> BTW:
> If going that way is it sure that disklabel (run after fdisk in 
> OpenBSD's install process) is not confused by the "beyond-8GB" 
> entries?

If your other OSes are not Free/Net/386BSD then yes.

Free/386BSD and old NetBSD use A5 for partition id.
When OpenBSD/i386 load disklabel from harddisk,
disklabel check A6 partition, and if OpenBSD could not
find A6 partition, then try to search A5 partition
as next candidate.

So if you have no A6 partition and A5 partition for FreeBSD,
OpenBSD's disklabel has chance to kill FreeBSD's disklabel by

In these case, change A5 to something, then reboot
to wipe A5's nightmare.

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