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Re: KDE & OpenBSD (mini-review)

On 16-Dec-99 Emre wrote:
> ...
> What KDE is concerned...if OpenBSD should come with a better WM, I'd think
> WindowMaker would be the perfect choice.  It's fast, it's stable, it looks
> pretty :) and it's smaller in size than KDE (I guess that would make it
> easier for security auditing).  What do you all think?

I second this :-)
I use WindowMaker, and the fact it is based upon GNUstep pleases me (my
backgrounds come from NeXTstep :)

As for the lack of applications, well, I only use some WTerm, XFMail and, of
course, NetScape ;-)
Maybe I miss some good WordProcessor (I use WordPerfect for Linux, but it is so


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