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ipf 3.3.5

For those who are not following source-changes, ipfilter 3.3.5 is
finally in -current.

Some highlights include in-kernel an in-kernel realaudio proxy,
log levels, many MANY bugfixes, and NAT enhancements.

Two patches over and above 3.3.5 have been applied: 

* ipf has been patched to accept interface names in place of IP
* ipmon -F has been fixed.

To upgrade properly, grap the source, make a kernel, reboot, and make build.

If you want to cheat, you can sometimes get away with just building a
kernel, doing a "make includes" to move the header files, and then
just rebuilt each of sbin/ipf, sbin/ipnat, sbin/ipftstat,
usr.sbin/ipmon, and usr.sbin/ipftest.

Man pages have not yet caught up. They should be done by the weekend.