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Re: Executable stacks

dear trevor,
dear tobias,
dear openbsd fans,

i have followed the discussion on the misc openbsd mailinglist, webarchived
here: http://www.tryc.on.ca/archives/obsd/misc/1999_6/0191.html

i am building hardened leenox servers using both stackguard (immunix.org)
and solar designers patches (ftp.openwall.com) for some time now and
considered switching to openbsd due to some strange conveniences in
glibc which makes use of the heavily abusable gcc trampolines.

i really still miss stack guarding techniques when it comes to openbsd.

stackguard (immunix.org) applies as long as gcc is being used.
2.6 (i have ordered the cds and some t-shirts being true soldier)
still uses gcc, so i am fine. but whats with 2.95 and so on using
egcs? no living person willing to talk to me knows about executable
stack issues when using egcs.

openbsd still has no kernel option to deactivate gcc trampolines,
what i really dislike and miss. :(

is anybody currently implementing such? i am willing to help you,
if you still need somebody.

does anybody have the same thoughts and/or needs?
solutions maybe?

greetings ns
ns at dom.de

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