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Newbie problems with 005_sshjumbo.patch

Hello again,

  More trouble for me =) After I installed the sshjumbo patch (v3) I can't seem to boot. On boot, while trying to start the network I get:

/etc/rc[508]: /usr/X11R6/bin/xdm: not found
init: can't exec getty '/usr/libexec/getty' for port /dev/ttyC1: Is a directory
.....and it keeps on going through tty's

also before I get to that point, as I'm watching it boot, I see different daemons started that I'm positive I disaabled, sendmail, dhcpd, etc. I previously either commented them out in inetd or set to "NO" in rc.conf.

Why is it looking for X11R6? Considering when I installed I specifically specified that I was not going to use X, did the patch assume I was?

I remember reading something about problems with the version 3 patch but for the life of me I can't find where I saw it. I checked the mail archive and didn't see it there. 

Any ideas????


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