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Re: fs type 0 not known... need help fixing raw hd info

For those people running OpenBSD on sparc here is the solution I found to
the filesystem type 0 problem caused by a previous RedHat Linux install:

Go to the PROM prompt and:
set-default boot-device      (default is: disk net)
set-default use-nvramrc?     (default is: false)
set-default nvramrc          (default is: <blank>)

Apparently, after a month of looking through all the man pages, mailing list
archives, and FAQs, I finally decided to check through the PROM variables.
Here is what the RedHat install did to the above variables:

boot-device = linux
use-nvramrc? = true
nvramrc = devalias linux /iommu/sbus/espdma/esp/sd_(_at_)_3,0:c

>From the UIUC bsd newsgroup I was told to try clearing the disklabel before
doing an install:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/rsd0c bs=512 count=1 

but this did not work in my situation.

Note that this worked for me on a SPARCbook 3GS... Hope this might help
someone out in the future.


Thus spake Kristopher Wuollett (wuollett_(_at_)_uiuc_(_dot_)_edu):

> filesystem type 0 not known.. assuming ffs 
> mount_ffs: /dev/sd0a on /: specified device does not match mounted device.