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Re: jive

>> >They spoke all about some silly thing called the Civil Rights Act of
>> >1964 and the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972 ...
>OK, everyone.  I am a lawyer so let me set something straight.  This is not a
>First Amendment issue at all.  Nor is it a 1984 Civil Rights Act issue. 
>Everyone repeat after me... "They only apply to the government."  That means
>private citizens from anywhere cannot violate *any* constitutional amendment.
>What the 'jive' issue is is a PR issue.  We all would rather people talk
>about the technical merits of OBSD rather than the political correctness "or
>lack thereof" of it's contributors.  OpenBSD is swiftly gaining credibiltiy
>and rising in everyone's radar screen.  Theo, if you're a good leader, you'll
>get rid of the stupid thing and maybe the 'dopewars' package too.  I really
>don't think you want to have to answer questions about them in the

I'm not removing dopewars from the tree..

// Brad


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