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RE: this mailing list.

Maybe this is just a crazy oddball suggestion, but
what if we setup the listserver to email a copy of the FAQ
to the address of the sender and not let them post for
24-hours after they have first recieved the FAQ.

Or, we could be really bad and give a web based quiz on the
contents of the FAQ before one can post... ;)

Seriously, this could be kind of intresting, though it
would suck if you post from multiple accounts.

Any thoughts on this one ;)

Ryan [ryan_(_at_)_erwin_(_dot_)_org] / rulenumber1_(_at_)_hotmail_(_dot_)_com

BTW: i think that the attitude on the list helps to keep
the RTFM type requests to a minimum.  i know when i
installed, i didn't dare post a question until i searched
the faq, `apropos`, and geocrawler archive...

--- "Jankok, L. (dsc)" <Lucio_(_dot_)_Jankok_(_at_)_asz_(_dot_)_nl> wrote:
> : Although I, personally, am not too fond of the attitude
> and maturity
> 	: level of this list, that is their right. People who
> don't like it,
> 	: can go somewhere else, and use a different list or a
> different OS.
> I
> No way.. I don't like it either but I will stay on the
> list for I like
> OpenBSD and
> I don't need other users support for now (Thanks God :-))
> 	: think that the general feeling of obsd people is that
> they aren't
> 	: looking for obsd to become the only or most widely
> used OS. Many
> 	: come to obsd because they're tired of having to share
> an OS with
> 	: newbies, idiots, and people who don't rtfm.
> I can't believe this.. this is the same attitude way back
> in the BBS (group)
> time
> Elite vs Lamer... but then I was a kid..
> 	: If obsd people want more users, obsd people will be
> nicer. What's
> 	: so hard to understand, though, about the fact that
> these people
> may
> 	: not *want* everyone to use the OS? Is there anything
> wrong with
> 	: that?
> Yes, I don't think that the *users* should decide the
> impact of OpenBSD on
> the user community.. if they are being unfriendly to
> users they should be
> attended by the list master.. what we need on this list
> are some guidelines
> on how to be friendly.. If there is really a dumb user on
> the list be nice
> once
> and try to show him the right way,, if he is dumb and
> stubborn, then ignore
> him.. but don't be unfriendly..  
> 	: If you want a good example of a nice, civilized list,
> check out
> the
> 	: Linux Router Project list. It's extremely rare to see
> any flames,
> 	: no matter how well justified. 
> Linux users are generally more eager to help and yes they
> show more
> politeness.
> Cheers,
> 			Lucio Jankok. 

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