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swapctl.2 manpage missing?

For reasons that escape me at the moment I went looking for the
swapctl.2 manpage the other day and I could not find it on my
2.6-current i386 installation.

I found the source file but it did not seem to have been installed.

Is this deliberate or is it a simple matter of someone forgetting
to apply a patch like

--- /usr/src/lib/libc/sys/Makefile.inc	Wed Jun 30 09:28:33 1999
+++ Makefile.inc	Mon Dec 13 22:29:45 1999
@@ -158,7 +158,7 @@
 	recv.2 rename.2 revoke.2 rfork.2 rmdir.2 select.2 send.2 setgroups.2 \
 	setpgid.2 setsid.2 setuid.2 shutdown.2 sigaction.2 sigaltstack.2 \
 	sigpending.2 sigprocmask.2 sigreturn.2 sigstack.2 sigsuspend.2 \
-	socket.2 socketpair.2 stat.2 statfs.2 swapon.2 symlink.2 sync.2 \
+	socket.2 socketpair.2 stat.2 statfs.2 swapon.2 swapctl.2 symlink.2 sync.2 \
 	sysarch.2 syscall.2 truncate.2 umask.2 unlink.2 utimes.2 vfork.2 \
 	wait.2 write.2

.... Ken

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