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Re: uncorrectable error

I ran into this on the Sun's when using OpenBSD utils to
build the disk (I sometime end up using SunOS (4 or 5) stuff
to build the disks just to be sure I can access them from
Solaris, should I need the Save My Ass mode (I can boot single
user from a Solaris 2.7 CD or the 4.1.3 CD).

Using the scsi utility, I usually go in manually and edit the scsi
mode page 1 options ("scsi -f /dev/sdNc -m -e" where N is a number).
I make sure it says (and I got the info here, about 18 months ago,
likely from ChrisC):
AWRE (Auto Write Reallocation Enbld):  1 
ARRE (Auto Read Reallocation Enbld):  1 
PER (Post Error): 1

  By default, Sun OSs sets these first 2 to 1, OpenBSD, to 0.
Any ideas why this is so?

My view is that a design goal of SCSI and the controller layer
between my computer and the disk was to hide these disks errors and
let the controller remap bad sectors to spares before they are

Once I've made the changes and rebooted (I *think* it's just a reboot),
bad sectors (common on fresh new disks) get discovered and remapped.
It settles down after a bit of use and bad sectors rarely pop up

The alternative was to manually note the problem and disable those
sectors by hand.  Ick.  Norton Utilities used to do this for me
with DRDos back in 1988, but I hope we have at least passed that
functionality.  MFM is why I use SCSI.

So my question is:  Am I doing something dumb?  Why is it set this
way by default?


Quoting NatePuri (publisher_(_at_)_office_(_dot_)_ompages_(_dot_)_com):
> Well I guess I fixed it because fsck does find anything wrong with the 
> partition any more.
> On Mon, Dec 13, 1999 at 11:31:15AM -0800, Chris Cappuccio wrote:
> > You need to post the full error, perferrably with dmesg
> > On Mon, 13 Dec 1999, NatePuri wrote:
> >  | Hi all,
> >  | I'm getting an 'uncorrectable error' in the ffs; on my /var partition;
> >  | What do I do to fix this?  It makes performance very slow; do I need to
> >  | reinstall or get a new HD?