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Re: Oh man...

John Kerbawy wrote:
> | And secondly - is this mailing-list really mirrored 2 some
> | newsgroup? If so, I will unsubscribe ASAP.
> http://www.deja.com/qs.xp?OP=dnquery.xp&ST=MS&DBS=2&QRY=bitsurfr%40enteract.com
> .. a "Quick Search" at deja.com returns 50 matches of your email address,
> all from newsgroups.
> __
> .j0hn [john_(_at_)_maKintosh_(_dot_)_com]

It would appear to be in this group: sol.lists.openbsd.misc 
which is not carried by my ISP (sol.lists.freebsd.* is, however).
Can someone else verify this?

I learned a couple years ago, after making some rash anti-microsoft
comments, that many mailing lists make it to Deja News, so a pretty 
good rule to follow is: If you don't want it to haunt you later, don't
write it now.

George Toft                        http://www.georgetoft.com