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Official Tripwire port?

Greetings, That's what I received today in responce to my request doing
port of lattest available source for OpenBSD. Are there any people
interested in having official BSD port? I'd like to hear what does the
community think regarding the case before responding them  :)


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Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 16:17:24 -0800 
From: Jason Parmer <jparmer_(_at_)_tripwiresecurity_(_dot_)_com> 
To: 'CyberPsychotic' <fygrave_(_at_)_epr0_(_dot_)_org> 
Subject: RE: Tripwire? (fwd)

Things are sounding positive over on my end, however the people above me
would like a little more information about how exactly this is going to
benefit Tripwire, Inc. as well as who you are.  What I need from you is a
quick description of who you are in relation to BSD (i.e. do you have any
official contacts within the BSD group etc).  Also, in the future we may be
doing an official port of the tripwire code to BSD, and are interested in
ways to get the word out that there is a much better version of the product
available commercially.  Any ideas on how that could be achieved?
	- Jason