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ipnat altering obsd's network performance ? (was: Networking problems)

Hi all,

As I mentionned yesterday, I have a problem on an i486 16MB which is a ipf and
ipnat test machine.

When ipnat is on, with rule 
	bimap de1 -> 193.x.x.99/32

It takes long for the machine to resolve names that are in the /etc/hosts file,
and hence, It seems "ping hostnameinmynetwork" doesn't work, and netstat -r
takes more than one minute to print the first line of the routing table (I
still haven't seen the next ones).
Meanwhile, I receive no answer of a ping on the internet, but ipnat works: i
can telnet on the internet from the internal ( machine.

Are ipnat and/or ipfilter taking so many resources ? Should I add some memory ?
Or, is that a bug ? Or What ?

I'm confused.

Thanks for the help.


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