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'using disk 0 partition 3' (FAQ 14.6)


I've been trying to walk someone through an OpenBSD 2.6 install
remotely, and we are having trouble with a 2GB scsi disk on an NCR
fast/wide scsi controller in a Compaq Pentium Pro 200mhz server.

The problem we are having seems to be the one addressed in the
OpenBSD FAQ question 14.6, where when we boot we get the message
about 'using disk 0 partition 3' and then it hangs.

I've walked the person through the FAQ's answer to the question,
reinstalling the boot blocks, but it hasn't worked.

I don't have a lot of experience with NCR scsi, but when I've seen
this with Buslogic 958 controllers, I think it had something to do with
the geometry translation settings, in particular, a setting called
'large disk support'

For now we can only boot the machine by using the OpenBSD install
disk and typing 'boot sd0a:/bsd' at the 'boot>' prompt, which works

I'd rather not install OSBS if I can avoid it since we are only
running one OS and I would like for future upgrades on this machine
(to OpenBSD 2.7 for example) to go smoothly without going through
this hassle again.

Does anyone know how we can work around this, if the installboot
procedure detailed in FAQ 14.6 hasn't worked?


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