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Re: Does openBSD support 4mm DAT tape drives?

Do you have a preference between the Sony and HP units?  I need a drive
and have been a little bewildered by all the choices.  I have about 18G
of disk now, and will double that at some point in the future.

What might you suggest?


--STeve Andre'

At 02:55 PM 12/8/1999 +0000, Rob Pickering wrote:
>It should do. 
>I've never used Aiwa brand, but we've got lots of HP and Sony 4mm
>drives working quite happily.
>	Rob.
>John Davis Said:
>> Hello
>> Does OpenBSD support the SCSI-2 Aiwa GD-8000 4mm DAT (DDS-2) tape drive?
>> John