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New users posting to the tech list and using html

Hello everyone.
Seeing as this problem is rearing it's ugly head again and will continue to,
I'd like to make a few pertinent points.

There are, and there will continue to be, a lot of new users coming to us as
an alternative to M$OS.

Often, there first e-mail experience will be using Outlook or Netscape. They
will not know, or realize that html posting IS NOT universal.

They are not psychic. They will not know unless they are informed in some way.
Most are likely to come via the openbsd.org web page.

Second problem, posting to tech and/or misc.

Most users may assume that tech is for more technical problems. perhaps they
think that misc is for basic install problems, but they have openbsd
installed so they may post to tech and/or misc for more advanced help.

In the past year, I have suggested that clearer information be put on the
mailing list web page to clarify matters but to no avail. Perhap's they work
on the number of requests before changing anything, who knows.
I would like to suggest that list members contact the web page maintainer at
with the following suggestions.


Ref http:www.openbsd.org/mail.html

Due to 'new users' posting to tech, using html I would like to suggest the
following improvemnets to the web page referenced above.

At or immediately underneath   "These are the mailing list:"  put in bold 

Change misc to   "New user, install, setting up of software and hardware,
troubleshooting, or something similar but brevity AND clarity is the key. It
should be clearly understandable by new users.

For Tech  -   Put a more accurate description of what 'tech'  is all about.
"Technical discussions" is so vague as to be almost meaningless, but keep it
short ie. 3 lines or less.

Yes, you won't elimiate ALL problems, but nothing in life is black and white.
If the message is clear and precise you will eliminate a significant quantity
and you can then point them to the page telling them to read it again.


Finally, I don't want this to be a thread. As far as I am concerned it is
ended. I have tried asking then to change the page but they don't seem to
listen. Quite why people won't do the obvious is beyond me. People are not
psychic, they need clear, concise (as opposed to vague) directions.


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