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strange shutdown

I recently upgraded from OpenBSD 2.5 to OpenBSD 2.6. Today was the first
time I tried to reboot since the initial bootup. Whenever I run the
command: reboot, as root, it prints lots of network errors, involving dhcp
addressing, and gateways, and such. I then prints out that it is starting
local daemons, and starting presecure level daemons, and it gets to
sendmail, and it sits there for about 7 mins. It then goes on to inet, and
then to smbd and nmbd and sits on those for about 7-10 mins. This process
looks very similar to bootup. It finally finishes whatever it is doing,
and shutsdown. Is this supposed to happen? Why does it take so long? If
anybody has any ideas, they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot.

Ben Shirani(rooster_(_at_)_stic_(_dot_)_net)

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