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RE: Cablemodem

Hi Ben,

 I've got a cablemodem using OBSD as a gateway. It was amazingly easy to set
up... I have xl0 plugged into the modem, xl1 on my network.

in /etc/hostname.xl0 i put the string "dhcp"

When my machines boots, it automatically does a dhcp request and then the
routing table and the rest of the networking magic gets set up

 If you've got a static IP, then you'll have to set the routes up by
yourself. Here's a hint though.... When you go through the install
procedure, make sure you give the networking parameters for your static IP.
That takes care of it for you also.(I did this with my DSL connection at

 Reading the Networking FAQ really helps also. Thanks to that there is not
much I can't do with OBSD and ethernet/IP.

Good luck,
Patrick Ethier

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I recently got a cable modem. I am planning on using it on my OpenBSD 2.6
as a gateway for the rest of my network. I know how to setup IpMasqing how
set it as a gateway.But I was wondering if someone could give me a little
on setting up the modem. I have 2 NIC's on will connect to the modem, and
other to the network. How would I setup the routing table to use the cable
modem as the default route? Also does anyone know if I will need to use a
login script as you do for linux? Thanks a lot guys. 

Ben Shirani(rooster_(_at_)_stic_(_dot_)_net

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