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OpenBSD via FTP in Australia


A mention for something and a question...

Mention: Wiretapped.net in Sydney, Australia now has the i386, sparc and
mac68k OpenBSD 2.6 files available via HTTP and FTP at:


Question: Can someone that takes a full mirror of 2.6 let me know how
large the while kit and caboodle is?  I'm interested in carrying a full
2.6 mirror (and hopefully being added to the FTP mirrors list) but don't
want to try downloading the lot until I have some idea how much disk space
it'll consume...

Thanks in advance for an answer on the question,


Grant Bayley                         gbayley_(_at_)_ausmac_(_dot_)_net
-IT Manager @ Batey Kazoo            (www.kazoo.com.au)
-Admin @ AusMac Archive, Wiretapped.net, 2600 Australia
 www.ausmac.net   www.wiretapped.net   www.2600.org.au

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