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OpenBSD 2.6 Release Announcement

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- OpenBSD 2.6 RELEASED -------------------------------------------------

December 1, 1999.

We are quite pleased to announce the official release of OpenBSD 2.6.
This, our 6th release on CDROM (and our 7th via FTP), is just another
step along the path our developers started on more than four years ago.
Just like all our previous releases, 2.6 provides significant new
improvements in nearly all areas of the system:

- Hardware support is improved		(http://www.OpenBSD.org/plat.html)
  - particularily in the i386 and sparc ports.

- Security is strengthened even more	(http://www.OpenBSD.org/security.html)
  - A bunch of minor security problems have been solved since 2.5.  We are
    proud that so few security problems needed solving since the previous
    release; it shows that our two-year long proactive security auditing
    process is a success.
  - some other proactive measures have been taken, again.

- Even more cryptography is integrated	(http://www.OpenBSD.org/crypto.html)
  - OpenSSH is integrated into the operating system.  This is a free
    implementation of the ssh protocol that our team has been working on
    for a while.  For more information, see the OpenSSH website, or simply
    install OpenBSD 2.6 and try it out. (http://www.OpenSSH.com)
  - The shared SSL library support is improved.  In the new installation
    process, the SSL version of the library is added to the system at
    install time, permitting SSL and RSA applications to work normally.
    These applications now include httpd, isakmpd, and ssh.  SSL libraries
    are included for both the international and non-commercial US communities.
  - The IPSEC code is even more reliable, and the IKE isakmpd is now almost
    completely standards compliant and robust.

- Many other bugs fixed			(http://www.OpenBSD.org/plus26.html)

- The "ports" tree is greatly improved	(http://www.OpenBSD.org/ports.html)
  - The 2.6 CD ships with many more pre-built packages for the common
    architectures -- lots more.   The FTP site contains hundreds of
    packages (for the important architectures) which we could not fit onto
    the CDs.

If you'd like to see a list of what has changed between OpenBSD 2.5 and
2.6, look at

Even though the list is a summary of the most important changes
made to OpenBSD, it still is a very very long list -- more than 500 major

This is our seventh OpenBSD release, and the sixth release which is
available on our own CDROM.  Our releases have been spaced six months
apart, and we plan to continue this timing.

- SECURITY -------------------------------------------------------------

Once again, because of our continual search for security problems,
between the creation of the OpenBSD 2.6 FTP/CDROM binaries and the
actual 2.6 release date, our team found and fixed some new security
and reliability problems (note: most are minor, and in subsystems that
are not enabled by default).  Our continued research into security
means we will find new security problems -- and we always provide patches
as soon as possible.  Therefore, we advise regular visits to

- CDROM SALES ----------------------------------------------------------

OpenBSD 2.6 is also available on CDROM.  A 2-CD set which costs $30USD
is available via mail order and from a number of contacts around the
world.  The set includes a colourful booklet which carefully explains
the installation of OpenBSD.  A new set of cute little stickers are also
included (sorry, but our FTP mirror sites do not support STP, the
Sticker Transfer Protocol).  Profits from these sales are the primary
income source for the OpenBSD project -- in essence selling these
CDROM units ensures that OpenBSD will continue to make another release
six months from now.

For more information on ordering CDROMs, see
The above web page lists a number of places where OpenBSD CDROMs can
be purchased from.  For our default mail order, go directly to

The Canadian SSL ordering system has been improved so that shipping
into the USA will now take much less time, due to a distribution point
in the USA.  Also, a seperate quantity of CDROMs were produced in

All of our developers strongly urge you to buy a CDROM and support our
future efforts.  As well, donations to the project are highly
appreciated, as described in more detail at

- T-SHIRT SALES --------------------------------------------------------

The project continues to expand it's funding base by selling t-shirts.
And our users like them too.  We have a variety of shirts available,
with the new and old designs, from our web ordering system at

With this release, we introduce 3 new shirts.

- FTP/HTTP INSTALLS ----------------------------------------------------

If you choose not to buy an OpenBSD CDROM, OpenBSD can be easily
installed via either the FTP or HTTP protocols.  Typically you need a
single small piece of boot media (eg. a boot floppy) and then the rest
of the files can be installed from a number of locations, including
directly off the Internet.  The following list is a simple set of
instructions to ensure that those who install via FTP or HTTP find all
the documentation they need while doing an install (with the CDROMs,
the necessary documentation is easier to find).

1) Read either of the following two files for a list of ftp/http
   mirrors which provide OpenBSD, then choose one near you:

2) Connect to that ftp/http mirror site and go into the
   directory pub/OpenBSD/2.6/, which contains these files and
   directories.  This is a list of what you will see: 

	Changelogs/       X11.tar.gz        log26             ports.tar.gz
	HARDWARE          alpha/            mac68k/           root.mail
	PACKAGES          amiga/            mvme68k/          sparc/
	PORTS             ftplist           mvme88k/          src.tar.gz
	README            hp300/            packages/         srcsys.tar.gz
	SIZES             i386/             pmax/             tools/

   It is quite likely that you will want at LEAST the following files which
   apply to all the architectures OpenBSD supports.

	README		- generic README
	HARDWARE	- list of hardware we support
	SIZES		- recommended partition sizes
	PORTS	        - description of our "ports" tree
	PACKAGES	- description of pre-compiled packages
	root.mail	- a copy of root's mail at initial login. (This is
			  really worthwhile reading).

3) Read the file README.  It is short, and a quick read will make sure you
   understand what else you need to fetch. 

4) Next, go into the directory that applies to your architecture, say it
   is i386.  This is a list of what you will see:

	CKSUM             INSTALL.os2br     cdrom26.fs        misc26.tar.gz
	INSTALL.ata       INSTALL.pt        comp26.tar.gz     xbase26.tar.gz
	INSTALL.chs       MD5               etc26.tar.gz      xfont26.tar.gz
	INSTALL.dbr       base26.tar.gz     floppy26.fs       xlink26.tar.gz
	INSTALL.i386      boot.catalog*     floppyB26.fs      xserv26.tar.gz
	INSTALL.linux     bsd*              game26.tar.gz     xshare26.tar.gz
	INSTALL.mbr       bsd.rd*           man26.tar.gz

   If you are new to OpenBSD, fetch _at least_ the file INSTALL.i386 and
   floppy26.fs; the README file lists both as required for installation.

5) If you are an expert, follow the instructions in the file called README;
   otherwise, use the more complete instructions in the file called
   INSTALL.i386.  INSTALL.i386 may tell you that you need to fetch other

6) Just in case, take a peek at:
   This is the page where we talk about the mistakes we made while
   creating the 2.6 release, or the significant bugs we fixed
   post-release which we think our users should have fixes for.  Patches
   and workarounds are clearly described there.

Note: If you end up needing to write a raw floppy using MSDOS, look in
      pub/OpenBSD/2.6/tools for the "rawrite.*" files.

- XFree86 FOR MOST ARCHITECTURES ---------------------------------------

XFree86 has been integrated more closely into the system.  This
release contains XFree86 3.3.5.  Most of our architectures ship with
XFree86, even the sparc and alpha.  During installation, you can install
XFree86 quite easily.  Be sure to try out xdm(1) and see how we have
customized it for OpenBSD.

- PORTS TREE -----------------------------------------------------------

The OpenBSD ports tree contains automated instructions for building
third party software.  The software has been verified to build and run
on the various OpenBSD architectures.  The 2.6 ports collection,
including many of the distribution files, is included on the 2-CD set.
Please see PORTS file for more information.

Note: some of the most popular ports, e.g. the apache web server and
several X applications, are now a standard part of OpenBSD.  Also,
other popular ports have been pre-compiled for those who do not desire
to build their own binaries (see PACKAGES, below).

- BINARY PACKAGES WE PROVIDE -------------------------------------------

A number of binary packages are provided.  Please see PACKAGES file
(ftp://ftp.OpenBSD.org/pub/OpenBSD/PACKAGES) for more details.
We especially recommend the use of the ssh package.

- SYSTEM SOURCE CODE ---------------------------------------------------

The CDROMs contain source code for all the subsystems explained above,
and the README (ftp://ftp.OpenBSD.org/pub/OpenBSD/README) file
explains how to deal with these source files.  For those who are doing
an FTP/HTTP install, the source code for all four subsystems can be
found in the pub/OpenBSD/2.6/ directory:

	X11.tar.gz     ports.tar.gz   src.tar.gz     srcsys.tar.gz

- THANKS ---------------------------------------------------------------

OpenBSD 2.6 introduces the new fishbowl and Ramblow images done by
cartoonist Tim Hueskin, as well as other artwork by Ty Semaka.  CDROM
artistic layout was done by Fred Holliss with further help from Ty Semaka.
Ports tree and package building by Chris Turan. System builds by
Theo de Raadt, Niklas Hallqvist, Todd Fries, Steve Murphree, Mats O Jansson,
and Bob Beck.  ISO-9660 filesystem layout by Theo de Raadt.

We would like to thank all of the people who sent in bug reports, bug
fixes, donation cheques, hardware that we use.  We would also like to
thank those who bought our previous CDROMs.  Those who did not support
us financially have still helped us with our goal of improving the
quality of the software.

- LIST OF FTP SITES ----------------------------------------------------

The following list should be helpful for those who want to install
OpenBSD via FTP.

ftp://ftp.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD                       Alberta, Canada
ftp://ftp1.usa.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD                  Michigan, USA
ftp://ftp.op.net/pub/OpenBSD                            Pennsylvania, USA
ftp://ftp.de.openbsd.org/pub/unix/OpenBSD               Germany
ftp://ftp.jp.openbsd.org/OpenBSD                        Japan
ftp://ftp.dti.ad.jp/pub/OpenBSD                         Japan
ftp://ftp.lip6.fr/pub/OpenBSD                           France
ftp://ftp.univ-evry.fr/pub/OpenBSD                      France
ftp://ftp.eu.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD                    Switzerland
ftp://lager.ucs.ualberta.ca/pub/OpenBSD                 Edmonton, Canada
ftp://ftp.eecs.umich.edu/pub/OpenBSD                    Michigan, USA
ftp://obsd.compmore.net/pub/OpenBSD                     Kanata, Canada
ftp://ftp.geek-girl.com/pub/OpenBSD                     Illinois, USA
ftp://ftp.stacken.kth.se/pub/OpenBSD                    Stockholm, Sweden
ftp://ftp.demon.co.uk/pub/OpenBSD                       London, UK
ftp://ftp.th.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD                    Thailand
ftp://ftp.au.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD                    Australia
ftp://sunsite.kren.ne.kr/pub/OS/OpenBSD                 South Korea
ftp://ftp.calyx.nl/pub/OpenBSD                          The Netherlands
ftp://openbsd.rug.ac.be/pub/OpenBSD                     Belgium
ftp://ftp.it.net.au/mirrors/OpenBSD                     Australia
ftp://ftp.radio-msu.net/pub/OpenBSD                     Moscow, Russia
ftp://ftp.sunet.se:/pub/OpenBSD                         Uppsala, Sweden
ftp://ftp3.usa.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD                  Colorado, USA
ftp://ftp.netlab.is.tsukuba.ac.jp/pub/os/OpenBSD        Ibaraki, Japan
ftp://ftp.tut.ac.jp/pub/OpenBSD                         Japan
ftp://ftp.plig.org/pub/OpenBSD                          London, UK
ftp://ftp.it.net.au/pub/OpenBSD                         Australia
ftp://vs.itam.nsc.ru/pub/OpenBSD                        Novosibirsk, Russia
ftp://ftp.task.gda.pl/pub/OpenBSD                       Poland
ftp://openbsd.csie.nctu.edu.tw/pub/OpenBSD              Taiwan
ftp://ftp.netasset.com/pub/OpenBSD                      Fresno, CA, USA
ftp://ftp.chg.ru/pub/OpenBSD                            Chernogolovka, Russia
ftp://mirror.nucba.ac.jp/mirror/OpenBSD                 Aichi, Japan
ftp://uiarchive.uiuc.edu/pub/systems/OpenBSD            Urbana, IL, USA
ftp://quasar.uvt.ro/pub/OpenBSD                         Timisoara, Romania
ftp://ftp.nz.openbsd.org                                New Zealand
ftp://ftp.club-internet.fr/pub/OpenBSD                  France
ftp://gd.tuwien.ac.at/opsys/OpenBSD                     Austria
ftp://ftp.nl.uu.net/pub/OpenBSD                         The Netherlands
ftp://ftp.duth.gr/pub/OpenBSD                           Thrace, Greece
ftp://ftp.kmitl.ac.th/pub/OpenBSD                       Thailand
ftp://filoktitis.noc.uoa.gr/pub/OpenBSD                 Greece
ftp://sunsite.cnlab-switch.ch/mirror/OpenBSD            Zurich, Switzerland

- LIST OF HTTP SITES ---------------------------------------------------

The following list should be helpful for those who want to install
OpenBSD via HTTP.

http://www.cs.colorado.edu/ftp/pub/OpenBSD              Colorado, USA
http://www.ualberta.ca/FTP/OpenBSD                      Edmonton, Canada
http://ftp6.usa.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD                 Illinois, USA
http://www.openbsd.aba.net.au/ftp                       Australia
http://openbsd.rug.ac.be/ftp/pub/OpenBSD                Belgium
http://ftp.it.net.au/mirrors/OpenBSD                    Australia
http://ftp.sunet.se:/pub/OpenBSD                        Uppsala, Sweden
http://gd.tuwien.ac.at/opsys/OpenBSD                    Austria

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