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having trouble with mount_msdos during install on OBSD2.5, i386...

Sorry!  I didn't realize I'd sent this as HTML before.  Here again:


I'm trying to install OBSD 2.5 on one of two SCSI hd's on an HP Vectra
XU 6/150 (dual pentium pro 150MHz, 128 MB RAM, Orion chipset, Adaptec
AIC-7880 PCI SCSI controller on-board, . The intended OpenBSD drive is a
2.1 GB Seagate ST32151N SCSI-2 and has a few bad sectors, but nothing
that kept it from booting/running any other OS before (I just wiped Red
Hat 6.0 off it). 

Anyway, the other drive is a Quantum fireball 4.3 GB SCSI-2; no bad
sectors; it has one DOS FAT-32 partition for win 95.  I think I can be
pretty sure that there are no serious problems with this drive because I
booted from it in order to send this message.  That's where the folder
containing the installation files (C:\OBSD\i386\comp25.tar.gz, base25,
etc25, etc.) is stored, which is why I'm trying to mount it during the
install.  The problem comes up when the installer tries to mount it; it
sees a FAT-32 partition on /dev/sd1i (it sees the OBSD fs on the Seagate
as sd0a), then I select sd1i as the partition that holds the
installation files.  Then I get this exact error message: 

mount_msdos: /dev/sd1i onto /mnt2: specified device does not match
mounted device 

...and so I can't do anything more with the installer because it can't
get at any of the compressed files for the install.  I've tried mounting
it from the # prompt, but to no avail.  I've read the manual for
mount(8) and mount_msdos(8), and I searched the misc. archives [and yes,
everything that might be relevant in the FAQ], but I couldn't find
anything that helped.  Any ideas? 
    I hope I've given enough info---please tell me if I haven't!  Feel
free to mail me directly; I would genuinely appreciate any assistance
you can render. 


Live Long and Prosper, 


"Verbing weirds a language." 
  --Calvin & Hobbes

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