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   I need to install a secure webserver at my company and I started
looking for information about apache and ssl integration. After much
reading and learning I remembered that OpenBSD has 'libssl' and thus
already has an ssl implementation. Since I want to implement the latest
and greatest in software I got stuck with the following questions:

1. Which implementation is better to implement: OpenSSL 0.9.4 or
'libssl' already shiped with OpenBSD?

2. the `httpd` man page has nothing on using the server with SSL, so how
do I use the installed 'libssl' with the installed 'apache' server?

3. Is it better to wait a few more days and install OpenBSD 2.6
(assuming it will come out on December 1st, if this isn't the scheduled
date please correct me, and I will be buying the CDs too, so don't worry
;) and not do something right away on the current box (OpenBSD 2.5).


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