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NetGear PCMCIA NIC [ne3] on 2.6

I have a netgear pcmcia nic [fa410].  I noticed that when I
boot up off the 2.5 install floppy the device is loaded and
i can access my network, but when I use the 2.6 boot
floppy, no such luck.  I'm not using floppyb because I was
under the impression that it only exists for certain scsi
drivers [which i don't have]...

I this device just not in the boot floppy?
If i recompile the kernel on 2.6 after i install should
this device [ne3] show up?


Ryan Erwin [ryan_(_at_)_erwin_(_dot_)_org] / rulenumber1_(_at_)_yahoo_(_dot_)_com
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