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Re: PPPOE coming along?

At 12:12 PM +0100 1999/11/21, Brad Knowles wrote:

	I'm shortly going to have a WaveLAN-stype setup here at home,
connecting to an ADSL modem, and I will have a firewall machine
on this network.  I'd really, *really*, *REALLY* like to be running
OpenBSD (for obvious security reasons), and I assume that PPPoE is

Nevermind. It turns out that Alcatel did something heinously evil[0] in the way they handle residential ADSL authentication over here in Europe (they own something like 90% of the market for the telco side), so PPPoE isn't an issue.

Of course, the standard ADSL package which would be paid for by my employer also explicitly prohibits more than one computer being connected (including through a router, firewall, or NAT server), so I'm going to have to decide whether I want to blatantly violate those rules (which they might be able to detect?), see if my employer will go for the more expensive solution, or perhaps just have to pay the difference. We'll see.

Thanks anyway!

[0] By "heinously evil", I mean that you get your IP address via DHCP, you telnet to their server, you then log into a web page, and the server checks your IP address to see if it belongs to your ISP and your account & password to see if they match. If the IP address is wrong, you have to release that address and get another one, then start over. If everything matches, you're connected for as long as you maintain that connection to their telnet server -- if *anything* causes that connection to be dropped, you're terminated and you have to log in again.

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