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Re: IMAP/POP3 over ssl.

Aaron Jackson <jackson_(_at_)_msrce_(_dot_)_howard_(_dot_)_edu> writes:

> 	>Hi, I'm trying to find a imap/pop3 server that uses ssl
>         >to encrypt all the trafic between server/client, basically
>         >I'm trying to avoid sniffers. By the way could be a great
>         >idea to have this servers compatibles with Netscape's MUA.
> You won't be able to find a free imap or pop server that uses ssl.  In
> addition, I know of only one pop client that supports ssl pop
> connections, so it may not be feasible to continue to run pop if you are
> interested in security.  What you can do though, is use stunnel or
> sslwrap to set up a secure connection and then pipe imap through the
> secure connection.  Both of these work with netscape and are easy to
> compile and install.  I can not, however, comment on the security
> implications of running either program.
> Aaron Jackson

We run bjorb in front of cyrus for ssl/imap. Compatible with Netscape
and emacs/pgnus/nnimap/openssl.

Hal Snyder
Vail Systems, Inc