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no swap in /etc/fstab

As I've recently set up a machine with swap on two drives, I had a
look how to get both working at boot. I couldn't find out...
/etc/rc contains "swapon -a", which starts, according to man page, the
swap defined in /etc/fstab.

There is no swap in my /etc/fstab, however. The one swap device on the
disk which contains / is started nevertheless. The second I have to
add manually.

The absence of swap in fstab is true for three machines here, recently
installed with 2.6, two i386 and one sparc. So I presume it is not
written to fstab during normal install. Does one add it oneself
manually? And if so, is it useful to do so always, or only in case
there is more than one swap device?



Marc Schneiders


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