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Re: OpenBSD 2.5 install on i386 (unexplained error)

#if Hugh Graham
> Which article was that? If these were the primary complaints he's
> quite out of date.


> pcvt has traditionally been a vt220 compliant terminal. To make certain
> persons/programs happy openbsd now has an option (on by default) to do
> a "pc-ansi" emulation instead.

Of course - there's always a way to do it. Hacks seem to have a problem
finding things like this. I believe it's genetic.

> Investigate "man ffs_softupdates", this is semi experimetal code, but
> should save you the pain of long fsck at boot after crash at least.

Good, but the problem is not really with losing data - all my work is
in KDE's CVS, so there's the odd backup lying about ;) I lost 32M of memory
the last time the power glitched (just before memory prices rocketed) so
I'm more concerned about the hardware.

=> I'm not going to switch back to Linux just because a journalling fs
   got declared stable.

As for work installations, well I'm not doing my usual (UNIX admin) stuff
right now, but I'm certainly not a member of the must-have-this-feature
mindset. There are more important things than a journalling fs . How often
do I expect OpenBSD to crash anyway ? The only UNIX box I've ever seen crash
properly (kernel panic) was running SCO. 'nuff said.

/me wonders if there's any real possibility of finding a way to legally
port reiserfs. Time to ring a lawyer I know...