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Re: IP aliases and ipnat rdr

Actually, I just realized that the second argument determinted this.  For 
some reason I was mistakenly interpreting the "external" IP argument (the
second one) as the external source address of the IP packet, not the
external address of the incoming interface.  Sorry for the confusion.


> Is there a way to access ip aliased addresses with logical devices,
> like with Solaris/Linux (such as xl0:1, xl0:2, etc)?  The reason for
> asking is I would like to use ipnat's rdr to redirect to another mail
> server, so the first IP is redirecting 25 to one mail server, and
> the second (aliased) IP is redirecting 25 to another mail server.  The
> rdr directive seems to require an interface as the first argument.
> Granted, I could probably get the same effect by using a bimap 
> and then using ipf to block everything except port 25, but I was curious
> as to whether rdr worked with IP aliases and if I was just missing
> something obvious.  Right now, I'm using a stock 2.5 install, but will
> be going to 2.6 soon if it matters.  Thanks.

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