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email stuff

Hello everyone,

Why isn't there qmail in the ports? It's supposed to be secure and all, so
I thought it might be good with OpenBSD.

Also, for some reason I installed postfix the other day, and when it asked
me to replace sendmail, I ran the command that it told me to.
Now when I set sendmail_flags=YES       # for 'normal' use:
sendmail_flags="-bd -q30m" in /etc/rc.conf, reboot...it get's stuck, when
it's supposed to start sendmail.  Anyway, so I thought I should take
postfix off.  I cd'd to /usr/ports/mail/postfix && make uninstall.  That
spammed me a bunch of instructions, I followed them and postfix seemed to
be removed.  I also ran the postfix-disable command to restore the
After I rebooted, the exact same thing happened...it got stuck at "starting
sendmail" So I disabled it again.

Also, if anyone cares, I compiled Sendmail 8.10.0 Beta 6 yesterday, and it
builds and works fine.


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