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Re: fetchmail error

> when I attempt to use fetchmail to download my mail I get the following
> error:
> '1 message for rooster at stic.net 591 octets)'
> 'reading message 1 of 1 (591 octets) fetchmail: SMPT connect to
> localhost failed'
> 'fetchmail: SMPT transaction error while fetching from mail.stic.net'
> 'fetchmail: query status=10'
> can somone guide me in the correction of this problem? Thanks.

Have you enabled sendmail on your box?  It sounds like fetchmail can't connect 
to the SMTP port on your machine to deliver your mail locally.

One thing I noticed when I was setting this up earlier today was that sendmail 
wasn't properly run from the rc.conf file ( flags were "-q30m" instead of "-bd 
-q30m"...  I hadn't configured it myself, it came that way. )
If you do a "ps ax" and it says something like "sendmail: Listening for 
connections on port 25" then it should work fine.

Sean Cavanaugh