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Re: FYI: arc build and request for build machine outside US.

Hey, I work for them and I definitely don't trust them.

On another note, the US gov't sure has no qualms with using crypto 
software that was developed outside the US.  Our network security
organization just picked up 10 copies so they could run Anzens version 
of NFR.

I wish I could help you out, we have ARC machines that are being sold as
scrap at auctions, problem is you have to buy everything on the pallet.
Stainless steel vacuum fittings can weigh a lot.


On Tue, 28 Sep 1999, Theo de Raadt wrote:

> > In message <Pine_(_dot_)_BSO_(_dot_)_4_(_dot_)_10_(_dot_)_9909281231340_(_dot_)_27730-100000_(_at_)_hobbiton_(_dot_)_org> Leif Pedersen writes:
> > : I have heard rumors that we (in the US) are now allowed to export crypto
> > : stuff as of about a week ago.  I may be misinformed tho.
> > 
> > Well, if it were that simple, I'd build the damn thing myself.
> > However, the details are few, the conditions sound onerous and I don't
> > trust the government not to come back later and screw me somehow.
> > Besides, Theo won't even think about taking it from US residents
> > because he wants to keep the project legal.
> Exactly.  I don't trust your government, and I don't even live there.
> I think a lot of people are being very gullible this early on in the
> game.

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