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Re: HOWTOs vs. manpages: SHUT UP!

blah blah blah... that's what seems to have come out of this all... the
simple point which I tried to make to start off with was not regarding the
various merits of howtos or manpages... that's a personal opinion for
every person...

What I just wanted to say was wouldn't it be a good idea to include a
*little* more info about fdisk and disklabel in the section of the faq
which deals *specifically* with the install (or even just a pointer to
section 15 of the manual or whatever it is...), and how to use them
(they're a *very* daunting task for a newbie...); perhaps just lump in a
quick paragraph on the cd inlay too... I'd do it myself, except for I
barely know what to write myself, seeing as how I only got the process
done with trial and (thankfully not too much!) error...


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