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Miscellaneous things.

I had unsubscribed from the list since work has gotten too busy, but I 
am starting get caught up again. I thought I mention some
miscellaneous items that I have noticed.

At work, we are running our main engineering services off of two old
SS2's with OpenBSD2.5-current (as of about six weeks ago). The systems
have been generally stable and surprisingly performant considering the
machines' age. The load is generally light though.

One systems runs our DNS and handles all incoming and outgoing mail,
as well POP/IMAP and LDAP.

The other system runs SAMBA, the internal Web server, and RUST, our IS 
trouble ticketing system.

Quick hardware questions: 1) Does anyone have OpenBSD running on a PC
with the intel Celeron Socket370 chipset (forgot the name)? 2) Anyone
working on support for CardBus and specifically the Adaptec SlimSCSI

One thing I mentioned before is the question of where to install
things. In dealing with too many UNIX and UNIX-like operating systems
over all these years, I don't really want to figure out anymore where
I should install stuff. It would be really nice if there were some
handy guidelines that can be easily applied to programs that don't
come out of the ports/packages area. hier(8) is a good start.

In general, I think it would be really, really great, if someone could
maintain a Web page that lists what software packages are available
for OpenBSD. It could list what version may come with it already (and
for what hardware platform), what is in the ports tree, or what may
compile straight out of the original package's distribution. Come to
think of it, I am even willing to maintain such a matrix if people
forward package information to me. I think the Gnome Software Map is a
nice model that works real well.

One comment about the mailing lists. Could a digest version of the
different lists please made available? Also, I think a general UNIX
novice and a Linux migration mailing list might be worthwhile