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Re: HOWTOs vs. manpages: SHUT UP!

On Thu, 23 Sep 1999, Dug Song wrote:

> to paraphrase theo: talk is cheap. put up, or shut up!
> there's no guarantee that the project will integrate your work, but that's
> the way open development works. sometimes your contributions make a
> difference, sometimes they don't.

Correct, But I will say that most of what people have sent to me (which is
NOT much) has been incorporated in some way. From what i see everyone
saying they want HOW-TO's this and that. What is the point of redundant
data? If you havent noticed, the FAQ is pretty much how-to'ish. How to set
up *. Most questions do not have quick simple answers, I've tried to go
indepth. The point of the faq is to have ONE central location for OpenBSD
users of all sorts to go for help. It's nice that linux has many HOW-TO's
etc, but you must search, I'd like to keep the FAQ as the CENTRAL LOCATION
for users to go for information. I would be happy to add a section for
SPECIFIC how-to's that people send me, but somehow i have a feeling that I
wont be recieving anything.

				eric jackson

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