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Re: Mutt, slang, and ncurses question

On Tue, Sep 21, 1999 at 03:40:05AM -0700, David Terrell wrote:
> I compiled mutt against ncurses and have no problems.  Any reason
> you(?) thought slang was necessary?

root_(_at_)_haegar:/usr/ports/mail/mutt [501]# make

* This software contains cryptographic enabling code.    *
* It is illegal to export outside of the United States.  *

>> Checksum OK for mutt-0.95.7i.tar.gz. (SHA1)
===>  Extracting for mutt-0.95.7i
===>  mutt-0.95.7i depends on shared library: slang.13 - /usr/local/lib/libslang.so.13.8 found
===>  Patching for mutt-0.95.7i
===>  Configuring for mutt-0.95.7i

BTW, why does it say that it is illegal outside of the US if it
downloads the international version? Is this a mistake or did I miss



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