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radius client, revisited

I'm trying to connect to a Compatible Systems Intraport 2 VPN gateway
from my DSL. From what I can tell of the (binary) drivers distributed by
CS, they run some sort of abomination of Radius over ISAKMP (or IPsec).

Does anyone know whether I'm barking up the correct tree with that
guess? (Problem tickets to Compatible Systems require that you be
running the IntraPort server, which I am not). If I am, does anyone have
any suggestions on how to proceed:

1) Getting a radius client ported to openbsd
2) using the radius client (with ISAKMP or IPsec, I'm really not certain
which) to authenticate with the remote VPN gateway

Personally, I don't care if the radius lib's are unuseable to the system
in general, I just need them for this specific application.

Of course, if you've connected to an intraport 2 some other (easier)
way, please let me know that instead :)

thanks and regards,
Jeff Bachtel

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