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Accessing ext2fs partitions on an extended partition (x86 platform)

I've waded through the FAQ and archives and haven't found much to
explain this yet. I'm running on x86 right now and I'm in the process of
migrating from Linux (Redhat) to OpenBSD. Unfortunately I'm having
problems accessing some of the ext2fs partitions. I have OpenBSD on a
SCSI HDD, and Linux is spanned across a pair of IDE drives. Both IDE
drives have extended partitions on them and OpenBSD crashes when I try
to access them. Is there a particular way I should be trying to access
these partitions? I really want to get the data off of there (as they
include /usr, /usr/local, and /home) before I reincarnate them under
another filesystem. Any tips or pointers would be recommended.
Unfortunately I don't have the exact error message, as I had to boot
into Linux to research the problem. Same goes for dmesg output. I end up
getting an error message that talks about a bad number of some kind.
I'll try to write it down so I can pass it along, in case it's of any

Justin Wojdacki

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