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[Problem]: OpenBSD 2.4/2.5 Hangs while booting

Greetings all;

First of all, please let me introduce myself.  I am a new (soon to be I
hope) OpenBSD user.  I have the OpenBSD 2.4 CD.  I am currently running
Debian GNU/Linux 2.1r2 and would like to venture into the OpenBSD world
mostly for personal knowledge and the security aspects of it sound
interesting to delve into.

Like I mentioned, I have an OpenBSD 2.4 CD from which I tried installing
yesterday on a generic homebuilt Pentium 100 with 64 Megs RAM, ATI Mach64
video card, IDE drive(s) ...ie pretty standard PC hardware.  I also have
an old ISA non-plug-n-pray NE2000 card.  

The OpenBSD 2.4 install went just fine and when I tried booting off the
hard disk, it hung during the boot process (I think the kernel probes the
harddrives and then reaches out to probe the NE2000 card in this cenario).
In any case, with the 2.4 install the system seemed to hang right after
the wd2 init phase (i have wd0, wd1 and wd2 on this system).  Please note
that the NE2000 card was found just fine by the kernel on floppy25.fs and
I was even able to obtain an IP address from my DHCP server.  BTW, this
card is on IRQ10 just as an aside.

I removed the card from the box, and OpenBSD booted just fine.  

I thought to myself, hmm maybe I should try the 2.5 install.  So off I
went to my Linux box, and dd'ed myself a fresh new 2.5 floppy and started
installing via DHCP on the Pentium.  As usual, install went just great but
this time the system _gets_past_ the wd2 phase (as I mentioned above) but
still hangs when/after trying to probe/initialize the NE2000 card.  It
seems to find it and gets the IRQ and MAC address.  After this, the 3.5"
floppy drive light goes on and stays on till I reset the system.

Now the funny part which I could not figure out:  I thought this was your
run-of-the-mill IRQ conflict but I do not have any other devices using IRQ
10.  I also removed my card and changed the jumpers to IRQ5 and IRQ12 but
OpenBSD still says the card is on IRQ10.  Which leads me to believe, that
there could be a specific kernel parameter which is probing for a card on
that IRQ.  When I remove the card from the system,  OpenBSD boots in just

I would greatly appreciate any ideas that you might have to solve this
problem.  Please note that I am coming from the Linux world and apparently
things are  a bit different with OpenBSD but any pointers to solving this
problem will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



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