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This reminds me... wasn't BSDi going to release their 'rundos' to the
*BSDs... like a few years ago?  Whatever happened to that?

The only emulator I've ever used was Bochs, but that needed X the last
time I looked. :(

I imagine dosemu under Linux emulation might work... err, an emulator
under an emulator....  :)

On Sat, 24 Jul 1999, Trevor Clarke wrote:

> I'm looking for a DOS/x86 emulator that doesn't need X-Windows. Anyone had luck
> with dosemu? Any other suggestions? Basically, I'm setting up an OpenBSD based
> BBS. I want to be able to run some old DOS door games(like LORD and TW2002) and
> thus need an emulator. People have had luck doing this with Linux/dosemu but
> I'm definatly not going the Linux route. Any help is appreciated.
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