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Quickcam in OpenBSD

>From browsing through the mailing list archives it seems that each time
the subject of support in OpenBSD for the Connectix/Logitech Quickcam has
arrisen, the response from one or more individuals has been "oh. i've some
code for that somewhere. let me see if i can find it".

>From what i understand, driver code for the Quickcam has been in FreeBSD
for some time now, and around OpenBSD 2.2 or so, similar code almost made
it into the OpenBSD tree.

My question is: is there anyone who has worked on Quickcam driver code
for OpenBSD who intends to integrate their work into the project? Are
there any reasons why it would be undesirable to do so? I understand, of
course, that such support existing in OpenBSD is far from being a priority
- however, with so much work apparently already completed it almost seems
a pity that it isn't in checked into the tree.