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SUMMARY : StarOffice...


	This is the summary of my last mail (with this subject). Thanks for all
information about StarOffice on OBSD. (Pavel Korovin - pvk_(_at_)_tsinet_(_dot_)_ru). 

On a, Jul 19, 1999 at 08:18:22PM -0200, Mauricio Martins da Costa wrote:

>       The linux emulation is working fine for me. I got the new libraries
> from OBSD site  and I'm trying to install StarOffice. 

>> Well :), does anybody uses StarOffice on OBSD? 

I never heard about successfull installation of StarOffice on OpenBSD.

Now about libs. This lib (libvos*.so) is in the file distributed
with StarOffice. The way to solve your problem is to put
in your environment following line:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/tmp/sv001.tmp:~/StarOffice/lib 
                                        Here you must put libs
                                        from glibc2_inst/glibc2.tar.gz,
                                        distributed with SO.
Also you must ensure that your /tmp fs (if this is separate fs) must
be mounted with 'exec' option. If your /tmp is mounted with 'noexec'
(i think that this is better anyway) the way to solve it is to
set environment variable TEMP:

export TEMP=~/tmp
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/tmp/sv001.tmp:~/StarOffice/lib

Now run ./setup:

pvk_(_at_)_pvk-home:office50_inst$ ./setup
sh: /dev/null: Permission denied

That's all. Something is wrong and we must fix this in the future :)
If you'll have SO sucessfully installed on your system, drop me a line,
as I'll do.

>> Where do I find the libvos*.so ? 

It seems like SO will not work on OpenBSD. 
--- begin cut ---
pvk_(_at_)_pvk-home:sv001.tmp$ pwd
pvk_(_at_)_pvk-home:sv001.tmp$ ls   
./              libcnt505li.so  libsex505li.so  libvcl505li.so 
../             libj505li_g.so  libso505li.so   libvos505li.so 
allgemein.bmp   libone505li.so  libsot505li.so  libzip505li.so 
base.bmp        libosl505li.so  libsvt505li.so  license        
calc.bmp        libreg505li.so  libtk505li.so   readme         
desktop.bmp     librtl505li.so  libtl505li.so   register.bmp   
draw.bmp        libsb505li.so   libuno505li.so  schedule.bmp
impress.bmp     libset505li.so  libusr505li.so  set50501.res
pvk_(_at_)_pvk-home:sv001.tmp$ ./setup.bin 
Bad system call
--- end cut ---

That's it.

If you have linux system, you can install SO there and than put all SO
stuff from there to OpenBSD system.  

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