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savecore kvm problem (with kvm_mkdb patch installed)

Hi there,

I have OpenBSD 2.4 running on a Sparc 20. I have patched kvm_mkdb and this now works fine, as does any utils that need kvm to run (top / systat etc). I have also installed the 2.5 sparc (GENERIC) kernel.

However, when running "savecore /bsd" I still get 

savecore: /bsd: kvm_dump_mkheader: invalid magic in cpu_hdr

Despite the all the other kvm using utils seeming to work.
I grabbed the latest savecore sources from the CVS tree and rebuilt and re-installed savecore, but it has made no difference and it still reproduces the message.

Any ideas on how to fix this ??

Thanks very much


dmesg below:

Copyright (c) 1982, 1986, 1989, 1991, 1993
        The Regents of the University of California.  All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 1995-1999 OpenBSD. All rights reserved.  http://www.OpenBSD.org

OpenBSD 2.5 (GENERIC) #172: Fri Apr 16 10:18:24 MDT 1999
real mem = 133492736
avail mem = 122261504
using 200 buffers containing 6672384 bytes of memory
bootpath: /iommu_(_at_)_f,e0000000/sbus_(_at_)_f,e0001000/espdma_(_at_)_f,400000/esp_(_at_)_f,800000/sd_(_at_)_0,0
mainbus0 (root): SUNW,SPARCstation-20
cpu0 at mainbus0: TMS390Z50 v0 or TMS390Z55 @ 50 MHz, on-chip FPU
cpu0: physical 20K instruction (64 b/l), 16K data (32 b/l), 1024K external (32 b
/l) cache enabled
obio0 at mainbus0
clock0 at obio0 addr 0xf1200000: mk48t08 (eeprom)
timer0 at obio0 addr 0xf1300000 delay constant 23
zs0 at obio0 addr 0xf1100000 pri 12, softpri 6
zs0a: console i/o
zs1 at obio0 addr 0xf1000000 pri 12, softpri 6
fdc0 at obio0 addr 0xf1700000 pri 11, softpri 4: chip 82077
auxreg0 at obio0 addr 0xf1800000
power0 at obio0 addr 0xf1a01000
iommu0 at mainbus0 ioaddr 0xe0000000: version 0x1/0x1, page-size 4096, range 64M
sbus0 at iommu0: clock = 20 MHz
dma0 at sbus0 slot 15 offset 0x400000: rev 2
esp0 at dma0 offset 0x800000 pri 4: ESP200, 40MHz, SCSI ID 7
scsibus0 at esp0: 8 targets
sd0 at scsibus0 targ 0 lun 0: <DEC, RZ28     (C) DEC, 442D> SCSI2 0/direct fixed
sd0: 2007MB, 3045 cyl, 16 head, 84 sec, 512 bytes/sec, 4110480 sec total
ledma0 at sbus0 slot 15 offset 0x400010: rev 2
le0 at ledma0 offset 0xc00000 pri 6: address 08:00:20:71:c4:de
le0: 16 receive buffers, 4 transmit buffers
bpp0 at sbus0 slot 15 offset 0x4800000: DMA2
SUNW,DBRIe at sbus0 slot 14 offset 0x10000 not configured
cgsix0 at sbus0 slot 2 offset 0x0: SUNW,501-2253, 1152 x 900, rev 11
root on sd0a
rootdev=0x700 rrootdev=0x1100 rawdev=0x1102
IP Filter: initialized.  Default = pass all, Logging = enabled

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