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openbsd 2.5 and bind

i am trying to compile bind 8.2.1 on a new install of OpenBSD 2.5 Current.
unfortunately it is not working and i am getting the following errors:

cc  -O2 -g -I../../port/openbsd/include -I../../include  -D_REENTRANT -c
herror.c  -o threaded/herror.o
In file included from herror.c:71:
../../port/openbsd/include/port_after.h:50: redefinition of `struct 
../../port/openbsd/include/port_after.h:51: syntax error before `.'
../../port/openbsd/include/port_after.h:55: redefinition of `struct

what am i doing wrong, and how dor i fix it.


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