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Cable Modem Setup

I recently installed OpenBSD 2.4 and had a problem setting up my cable
modem. @home assigns you a hostname(like cc345678-a) and it seems you
always get the same IP addr but its still DHCP in a weird way. The only
reasons I have for thinking its DHCP is one, in NT Server under
ControlPanel--Network--Properties it says its assigned  dynamicaly and
two, the only way I could get it to work in Linux was to use a program
called dhcpcd with the -h option and the hostname @home gave me
eg.(dhcpcd -h cc345678-a) I selected DHCP  during the OpenBSD
installation and it didn't work. It also didn't work when I tried to set
my IP, gateway, nameservers, etc. manually. I know my network card isn't
the problem because after I had no luck connecting it to the net I just
assigned it so that I can ssh to it from other computers on my
little home network and it worked fine. So I guess my question is: Are
there any programs like dhcpcd for OpenBSD or another work around so
that I can get it up and running to the net?

Thank you for reading